The Facebook Olympics

August 10, 2012 By:
The Facebook Olympics

Facebook’s been blowing up with Olympian’s and their famous fans, too. Here are some of the best Olympic posts on Facebook from the 2012 games!

Jeremy Piven posted an adorable photo of him at the track with a big ol’ beard and round hipster glasses, praising Usain Bolt (a man gazes at Piven lovingly from the side, which is also pretty great).

Gabby Douglas, the most talked about Olympian on Facebook, has been, well, talked about a lot. Russell Brand posted a pic of Gabby with the caption: “Sad to hear this about Gabby Douglas’ dad…I love my daughters more than anything”.

Jessica Ennis, the British athlete who won the gold in the heptathalon (meaning she’s the best at everything) this year, is the second most-mentioned Olympian on Facebook. She posted a pic with Ludacris, calling him a “lovely man,” and with Bruce Jenner. Bruce called Jessica the “world’s greatest female athlete,” which we can’t really argue with.

Jordan Burroughs, a U.S. team Olympic wrestler, posted a pic with three of the Fierce Five—Jordyn, Aly and McKayla—and was very excited about it. McKayla’s face is fantastic in the pic, and might just be worthy of another McKayla Meme.

Melinda Gates posted a Facebook photo of her and her college drill team, talking about friendship and teamwork.

Shaun White posted a fish-eye photo of him about to dig in to some fish and chips, captioned “This swimmer obviously didn’t make the US Team.” GET IT?! Fish-eye, fish and chips? No? A bunch of commenters did either, and said silly things like “He’s a snowboarder. Not a swimmer.” Now, a fish snowboarding—that’s something I’d like to see.