The 5 Most Memorable Moments In Televised Olympic History

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The 5 Most Memorable Moments In Televised Olympic History

If you’re looking for something to take your mind off the depressing news of Kristen Stewart breaking Rob Pattinson's heart, we present to you a video collection of crushed dreams, Olympics style.

2000 Sydney: Somebody Better Have Gotten Fired For This

The height of the vault was improperly set for the woman gymnastic event.. Understandably, this slight error screwed up a lot of gymnasts, forcing them to fall seriously short of their aspired heights.

2004 Athens: Why God? Why?

Vanderlei de Lima from Brazil was four miles from the end of the marathon and being the first Brazilian to ever win Olympic gold. Then, out of nowhere he gets pushed off course by a defrocked Irish priest trying to protest… something?

The poor runner didn’t recover quick enough and ended the race in third place.

1988 Seoul: Everything Is Not Fine in the Water

American diver Greg Louganis does some kind of fancy back flip move clocking the back of his head on the diving board, thereby curing half the world of any desire to dive into a pool, ever again.

2008 Beijing: Gross. Ouch. Gross. Seriously -- Gross.

(don’t watch this if you’ve eaten in the last 12 hours, ever suffered the discomfort of hitting your funny bone, or if you like, have a couple of eyes and can see clearly)

Hungarian weight lifter János Baranyai loses his grip and nearly his arm as he dislocates his elbow while attempting to lift something like 326 pounds.

If the final twitch doesn’t haunt your dreams, you’re not human.

1992 Barcelona: I’m Going To Go Cry Now

(Get the Kleenex ready, for real)

Britain's Derek Redmond, a runner, tears a hamstring mid race. His dad takes the field to help him limp across the finish line, and dry his tears. So. Totally. Depressing.

Can somebody please tweet this link to RPatz? Cause as much as he’s hurting right now, things could be a lot worse.

Though we could pose the question for debate as to what type of injury takes longer to heal, the physical or the emotional ones….