Olympic Rower Shows Off His Podium Package!

August 7, 2012 By:

The U.S. Men's 4 Rowing Team may have collected bronze this weekend, but one particular rower seemed pretty happy about it.

Clearly finding a place to hang his new medal, US Rower Henrik Rummel wore some revealing short shorts to show off his uhhh, Olympic pride.

A camera caught the entire ceremony on camera, and by that, I mean, caught Henrik Rummel talking down his cartoonishly huge package.


Just watch the video, but don’t be too HARD ON the kid. I’m sure winning the Olympics would be EXCITING for anyone. Do you think he should have been disqualified for rowing with that extra oar? I’m running out of PC ways to describe his man unit.

And just in case you thought this was a faux bone, Henrik Rummel himself posted on the Reddit video using the name “Rummelator” and writing, “This is me and I swear it’s not erect! I don’t know why it ended up in that position but there you go.”

Then to ensure that the those on the Internet knew that he WAS Rummelator, he posted this photo:


The best part of the video is when Rummel’s rowing pal Glenn Ochal looks down at Rummel’s private parts and just shrugs his head in dismay before giving Rummel a “look” that clearly says, “hey man, you’re really making us all look bad.”

Rowing team? More like the growing team! Get it!? Get it!