Most Memorable Olympics Closing Ceremonies

August 12, 2012 By:

The Olympic Closing Ceremony is set for today and we have a pretty good idea of what it might entail. Rumors of a performance by One Direction, a fashion show featuring Kate Moss, Paul McCartney, Aerosmith, Russell Brand and of course our confirmation that the Spice Girls will in fact be performing have all been thrown into the mix.

But let’s look back for a moment and remember the best Olympic closing ceremony moments in history

2006 Winter Olympics In Turin – There’s an Olympic tradition of the next host city taking the Olympic flag from the current host city and waving it eight times, but Sam Sullivan, Mayor of Vancouver was afraid that his wheelchair and tetraplegia (a form of paralysis) would prohibit him from participating. Amazingly, a special wheelchair was made that allowed him to swing his chair back and forth eight times. It was so heartbreakingly inspirational watching this simple flag wave.

2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney – Let’s see if the Spice Girls can outdo Kylie Minogue’s performance of “Dancing Queen” at the Sydney closing ceremony. It featured hundreds of dancers, a giant purple tent, and flying ghosts! Yes ghosts! It was quite possibly the greatest pop performance ever.

1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta – In what might be the greatest concert event ever, Gloria Estefan headlined a show that featured Stevie Wonder singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” plus performances by Faith Hill, Bon Jovi, B.B. King, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Yeah, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston AND Michael Jackson.

2008 Summer Olympics In Beijing – The most impressive thing about the closing ceremony at the Beijing ceremony was that 3-4 billion people watched the telecast, that is about half the world’s population.