Michael Phelps Becomes Greatest Olympian Athlete Ever

August 13, 2008 By:
Michael Phelps Becomes Greatest Olympian Athlete Ever

Congrats to Michael Phelps, who earned two more gold medals on Wednesday making him the greatest Olympian athlete ever!

Phelps swam the 200-meter butterfly with his goggles filled with water, but that certainly didn't slow him down. In fact, he broke the world record with a time of 1:52.03. Amazing!

"I couldn't see anything for the last 100 [meters]," Phelps said afterward. "It just kept getting worse and worse through the race."

"It's everything I ever dreamed about," Phelps said of winning his second relay gold in Beijing. "On the podium, I kept tearing [up] at it. I'm almost at a loss for words .... It's the best thing having four American guys ... swim all well together."

Clearly, there is no stopping Phelps. He still has the Men’s 100 freestyle and Men’s 200 breaststroke on Thursday, can he gain two more gold medals? With Phelps, we wouldn't doubt it!