London 2012 Olympics: Ten Of The Hottest Olympic Contenders

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London 2012 Olympics: Ten Of The Hottest Olympic Contenders

With the Games of the XXX Olympiad just weeks away, we’ve already seen plenty of sexed up spreads of swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, and the track and fielder Lolo Jones (you know, the oiled-up virgin?). But let’s take a sec to give some props to some of the Olympic hotties you might not have heard of, yet.

On the female front of the athletic contenders, the biggest brush fire seems to be burning on the track and field. But Russia puts on a good show, continuing their reputation of exporting beautiful women… and then let’s not forget to throw a swimmer into the pool.

Allyson Felix , 25, USA – Track and Field

The daughter of a minister, Allyson proudly proclaims her faith and says she basically sprints for the glory of God. And speaking of divine, have you seen this runner's legs? It’s almost enough inspiration to make the rest of us take up jogging, or church, or something.

This will be Allyson’s third Olympic games, both of which earned her a silver medal.

Melanie Adams, Australia – Track and Field

Seriously, is this a Maxim model posing as an athlete? Nope. It’s an accomplished pole vaulter who just so happens to do some modeling. It must be all those bikini spreads confusing us.

When she’s not looking hot and jumping over things, she’s studying to be a paramedic. That’s right, she can stop hearts, then immediately restart them.

This is Melanie’s first Olympics.

Anna Chicherova, 29, Russia – Track and Field

A quintessentially Russian beauty, Anna is one of the world's leading high jumpers. She took bronze in the 2008 games, then took some time off to have a baby.

From the looks of it, her training regimen was an excellent way to shed that excess baby weight (take note Jessica Simpson), as she jumped right back in to the top of her game.

Maria Sharapova, 25, Russia – Tennis

As of last week, Maria was ranked the number one female tennis player in the world. This stunning blonde embodies the tradition of grace and beauty on the courts... She’s the girl that makes us depressed that we’ll never be that cute in a tennis skirt. Deal with it.

Despite a courtload of medals/trophies/awards, this will be her first Olympic games.

Natalie Coughlin, 29, USA – Swimming

You might recognize that crazy cute smile, Natalie is an Olympic medalist, 11 times over.

So clearly, her talent has been discussed. But seriously, let’s talk about her All-American girl next door good looks… and those abs? Hit the pool girls, those could be yours. Well probably not, but you could try.

She was also a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” and posed in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue -- wearing not a swimsuit, but body paint. And she rocked it.

That covered, let’s talk about the boys. We have a couple of water babes who like to keep things wet, but the category is really and truly dominated by the dudes who like it rough.

James Magnussen, 21, Australia – Swimming

American’s aren’t the only ones turning Olympic sized pools into hot tubs (yeah, I totally just said that). He’s got ruggishly boyish good looks, dark hair, blue eyes, an Australian accent… seriously, what more do you need?

James is the current 100-meter freestyle world champion, but at only 21-years-old, this will be his first chance at Olympic gold.

Giuseppe Lanzone, 29, United States – Rowing

When you close your eyes and picture a quintessential prototype for the genetically superior dudes that row, odds are, they look a lot like Giuseppe. It’s like he was hereditarily predestined for a polo shirt accessorized with a Lacoste cable knit sweater.

His team placed ninth in Beijing in the Men's Coxless Fours… I’m not even going to act like I know what that even means.

Aldo Montano, 33, Italy – Fencing

Named after his grandfather, also an Olympic fencer, Aldo took gold in Athens 2004.

Not sure what happened to him in 2008, but we are fine fantasizing about how he spent his time…. most scenarios involve a black and white studio photography set up, and faded jeans.

It’s frightening how good looking he is. Hope he works that angel in his matches… of course there’s that pesky mask obscuring our, I mean, his view.

Clemente Russo, 29, Italy – Boxing

You know Clemente must be a beast in the ring, otherwise there’s no way his chiseled face would have stayed this pretty. Pretty but manly. Like pretty and manly enough to be a contender for James Bond once Daniel Craig decides to retire.

This will be his third try at Olympic gold, his last effort earned him a silver medal.

Teddy Riner, 23, France – Judo

Teddy Riner, AKA Teddy Bear (totally not kidding), was the youngest world champion in the history of his sport when he took the title at 18-years-old. Part of his success is his ability to mix techniques that we aren’t even going to pretend to understand.

Here’s what we do understand, this guy, is a badass. He can either kill you with his bare hands, or judging from his nickname, just cuddle you to death.

He took the bronze in Beijing, but come on, we all know he’s pure gold this time around.

So tune into the London 2012 Olympics to see all these athletes do what they do, and look good while they’re doing it. And remember, when you’re this hot, sweat is nothing but an accessory.