2012 London Olympics: Michael Phelps Can't Wait For It To End

July 25, 2012 By:
2012 London Olympics: Michael Phelps Can't Wait For It To End

Michael Phelps is nearly on his way to becoming the most decorated Olympian in history, but as the expert swimmer heads into his fourth and final Olympic Games, all he can think about is what he’s going to do when the games are over.

“We have a couple trips booked,” Phelps told Ryan Seacrest on the Today show Wednesday morning , “I’m looking forward to just pretty much relaxing and doing whatever I want to do and going to wherever I want to go.”

However, Phelps admits, he is pretty torn-up about ending his Olympic journey.

“It’s kind of been weird,” says Phelps, “We’ve said like, ‘This is my last Tuesday afternoon workout,’ or ‘This is my last double.’ It’s cool to say, but it’s also kind of emotional.”

Phelps is only three medals away from eclipsing Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina as the most decorated Olympian of all time, not to mention we’re all looking forward to him and teammate Ryan Lochte’s speedo bodies anticipated rivalry.

Ryan Seacrest stepped in for the interview as special correspondent ahead of his Olympic correspondent debut.

Ryan told Today that despite his height challenges, if he were an Olympiad, it would be in “basketball, as long as we’re pretending.”

Seeing as Seacrest has his hand in just about everything in Hollywood, he jokingly assigned an Olympic sport to a few big names in Tinseltown.

“Jennifer Lopez would be a rhythmic gymnast, Adele would be an equestrian, and Kim Kardashian would play beach volleyball,” says Seacrest.