What Do We Do Now??

November 7, 2006 By:
What Do We Do Now??

Ashley Olsen, the blonde half of the Olsen twins, has taken a turn to the dark side as we mentioned earlier today. What do we do now? How do we tell them apart? It's like Full House all over again. The 20 year old mogul has dyed her surfer-blond tresses an edgy “dark chocolate kiss” color with lighter chocolate lowlights.

“She came in with a photo,” says her colorist, Lorri Goddard-Clark of the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills. “She’s very fashion forward and was very specific.”

So what brought on the change? “She’s a sexy young woman coming into her own,” Goddard-Clark says. “She’s in a happy relationship [with denim entrepreneur Greg Chiat] and has a great life — changing colors is just a fun adventure! She was really happy with it, and she looks great!”

Personally I liked her better as a blonde (partly 'cause I got excited when people said I looked like her. lol) What do you guys think? Blonde or Brunette?