The Olsens Talk Fashion

August 20, 2007 By:
The Olsens Talk Fashion

Hollywood's most petite fashionistas are talking Fashion with New York Magazine. In the Fall Fashion Issue of the magazine, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen talk about their new fashion line the Row, their personal style, and leaving NYU. Here are some of the highlights...

On deciding to leave NYU:

“Mary-Kate left NYU (she’s still enrolled and has just a year and a half to go) because she didn’t feel safe, she says. She was freaked out by the kids in her class who were selling anecdotes to tabloids, in some cases even getting school credit for it. ‘They’d have internships at the weeklies,’ she says, adding, ‘Learning is not fun if you’re not safe.’ "Ashley says she left NYU because she was ready to do the Row.”

Mary-Kate on her giant-sweater boho era at NYU:

“ ‘I was just trying to stay warm!’ ”

Ashley on the Row vs. her work with Wal-Mart:

“ ‘Wal-Mart was about the customer,’ she says. ‘It taught us how to be commercial. This is about me and my sister, and what we like to wear.’ “

Larocca on the Row:

“Whether the Row will attract the customers who buy Alaïa and Ghesquière is an open question. But the clothes do, in fact, stand on their own. They are sophisticated, elegant, versatile, understated.”