PETA Invades Sundance

January 21, 2008 By:
PETA Invades Sundance

Everyone has migrated to Sundance, including the folks over at PETA. PETA is in Park City, Utah on a mission and Mary-Kate Olsen is their target.

There was a bad snowstorm last night and it's about 10 degrees right now, but PETA is still waging war on anyone who wears fur.

Protesters have lined up outside the Alaskan Fur Gallery waiting to track down celebs like Mary-Kate Olsen, Sharon Stone and Ben Kingsley.

I wonder if the people at PETA have a GPS system on Mary-Kate, they've been following her everywhere. Funny thing is about 80% of the locals are wearing full on fur coats and PETA hasn't bothered harassing them.