Olsens Looking For A New Look

March 28, 2007 By:
Olsens Looking For A New Look

The Olsen twins are looking for a new look. Don't get too excited, they are not letting go of their bo-ho look, instead they're jumping on the plastic surgery bandwagon.

There are reports that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have reportedly sought out "Dr. 90210" star/surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia for matching nose jobs.

A snitch reveals, "Ashley has always thought her nose was a little too big, so she wanted to get it done. When she talked to her sister about it, she loved the idea.

"They both love changing their looks. They thought this would make them look more polished."

Dr. Raj is the same doctor who gave actress Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston their new "looks". We hope this is just a rumor, these two have perfect noses and they're gonna look too plastic-ish if they mess up their natural nose.