Old Guy Talks About Making Out With Mary-Kate Olsen

August 16, 2007 By:
Old Guy Talks About Making Out With Mary-Kate Olsen

We reported last week that 21 year-old Mary-Kate Olsen makes out with 63 year-old Ben Kingsley in their upcoming flick "The Wackness." Kingsley is now speaking out about his controversial lip lock with the petite starlet.

"There is a very passionate scene in the film, which we filmed last week," Kingsley told Access Hollywood. "It went extremely well and she was very focused. She was very good, very professional. She was quite wonderful."

When asked if he thinks the scene will stir up controversy, Kingsley says: "I'm sure it will. (Her character) is this great free spirit, you know, she is equally seducing so it is a level playing field."

"It's for a few seconds and then we disappear and we never see each other in the movie," Kingsley says. "But she is a trigger into my quest for happiness."

Though brief, the makeout scene left a good impression on him. "Mary-Kate has huge energy," he says. "She is very, very committed to her work." If making out with a 63 year-old isn't being 'committed' to your job, I don't know what the hell is.