Mary-Kate Won't Talk to Police About Heath's Death

August 4, 2008 By:
Mary-Kate Won't Talk to Police About Heath's Death

Mary-Kate Olsen has stayed mum on the subject of rumored flame Heath Ledger and his death, and even refuses to speak to the police who are investigating his death.

According to the New York Post, MK "has refused to speak" and her lawyer, Michael Miller, claims she won't be interviewed "unless she gets immunity, exercising her constitutional rights."

The police want to know how Heath got the pain killer OxyContin without a prescription. Since MK got the first phone call after his death, they're hoping she might help provide some insight to the investigation.

According to Gawker, Investigators "are trying to ID the source of the OxyContin," a source said. "Did it come from a dealer, from a friend? If he had a bottle from a friend, was it taken by someone else before police responded? That is what is trying to be determined."

Clearly she doesn't want to talk for a reason, and it’s starting to look a little sketchy. We'll keep you posted on this one!