Get Your Blog On

October 4, 2006 By:
Get Your Blog On

This fantabulous world of blogging is spreading like wildfire, its not just us common folks with blogs anymore. Obviously not everything you read on the internet is true so I guess some celebs are taking matters into their own hands and starting their own blogs.

The Olsen's are one of Ani's all time favorite celebs, I think they f**kin rock for working so hard and deserve every ounce of success they have! So the dynamic duo just started their own blog, check it out on Here are some highlights from their latest post:

Mary-Kate spent a day in our awesome hotel just enjoying a little R&R. Ashley, however, was willing to fight the need for sleep to check out the Paris flea market. But she got sidetracked (if you really want to call it that) by a divine three-hour lunch with Christian Louboutin.

Lunch with Christian Louboutin?? I'm so jealous I could cry...literally! I would be delighted to just have lunch with his shoes, I can't imagine having lunch with THE Christian Louboutin! Excuse me while I cry my bloody eyes out. Sadness.