UK Pop Star Olly Murs Loves American Girl Accents

July 12, 2012 By:
UK Pop Star Olly Murs Loves American Girl Accents

If you like The Wanted, Bruno Mars, or vintage Justin Timberlake, you’re going to love Olly Murs. Besides having an awesome name, he’s the biggest thing in the UK right now and apparently all of us over here in the U.S and taking too long to realize his greatness.

Oliver "Olly" Murs rose to fame when he finished as the runner-up on the sixth season of the UK version of “The X Factor” and is now a host on “The Xtra Factor.”

The singer-songrwriter, musician and TV presenter is currently touring the world as the opening act for One Direction and he’s poised to make his U.S takeover because he’s already in love with our American women!

“American girls… [might] inspire me to write a song about [them], that would be cool,” Olly tells Hollyscoop, “I think it’s nice to be out of the country and see different women.”

But it’s not just our feminine wiles that he loves, it’s our accents! Wait, we have accents?

“Obviously the [American] accent is really sexy, and just a general kind of different,” he says, “I love it. We only [hear] it in films and TV series, but if you actually meet someone that’s got a proper cool American accent, you’re like, ooh, that’s sexy.”

If you want to head to one of Olly’s concerts and land this 28-year-old UK heartthrob, he says wear a hat!

“I don't know, I like girls that wear hats for some reason, I think they look quite cute in hats. If I saw a girl in a really cute hat, then I’d be attracted to them,” says Olly.

Olly recently dropped his first stateside single “Heart Skips A Beat” featuring rap duo Chiddy Bang, but says his dream collaboration would be with Michael Buble.

“Michael Buble, love him, love his music, love his style, he’s like an old school crooner classic,” Olly gushes.

He’s a great singer and a very charming TV host over in the UK, so can we expect this star to become the next triple threat?

“I would love to do acting,” says Olly, “I would have to go practice and get myself into it. Look at Justin Timberlake, he has an amazing career in music and Hollywood. I’m not saying I’m as good as Justin Timberlake, but if there was a chance in the UK to do a British film, that’d be quite cool.”