Report: Olivia Wilde Is Dating Jason Sudeikis

December 7, 2011 By:
Report: Olivia Wilde Is Dating Jason Sudeikis

I feel like that drugged up kid in the YouTube video: Is this real life? Is this going to be forever?

Olivia Wilde has been linked to everyone from Justin Timberlake to Salman Rushdie, so I don’t know what to believe anymore. But apparently, she’s been dating SNL funny man, Jason Sudeikis.

A source tells US Weekly that Wilde and Sudesikis haven’t been hiding their new romance, either. Jason brought Wilde to the show’s after party at NYC’s Loi on December 4th, where “they walked in holding hands,” according to a source.

"She's come to the [SNL] studio at Rockefeller Center, and they've gone out to dinner after rehearsals," adds another source.

Wilde finalized her divorce from Tao Ruspoli in October, and the two remain friends. But since then, she’s been linked to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds. Along with a few others.

Olivia put it best when she said: “In order to be dating all the people they think I am, I’d need four vaginas. It’s impossible!”

Thanks, but no thanks, for that bizarre visual.

Back in February, Ryan was spotted flirting with Olivia at a Golden Gloves party, and the two went on a date at a Kentucky aquarium after that. I guess it didn’t go anywhere, because from there, Olivia was rumored to be dating her In Time costar, Justin Timberlake. Wilde denied the rumors, Tweeting:

“Cool it, honeybadgers. We are just friends and have been for years.”

Then, in June, Olivia reportedly got cozy with Cooper at a party for The Hangover II. Again, Olivia denied the rumor. A few weeks after that, she and Jake Gyllenhaal were reportedly being all touchy-feely with each other at the Chateau Marmont, but they left separately.

And then there was Ryan Reynolds. She and Reynolds allegedly checked out Jeff Bridges performing at the Troubador in June.

So she’s been linked to pretty much everyone in Hollywood. I’m not sure why we’re so obsessed with hooking her up. But she has said in the past that she prefers being in a relationship to being single:

“I find that commitment is very relaxing,” Wilde said. “And the process of searching for a partner in life keeps you at this level of insecurity. You’re like this heat-seeking missile, just trying to figure out where to plug in.”

As for Sudeikis, he dated Mad Men star January Jones for six months before the duo split in January 2011. Before that, he was married to actress and 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon.