Olivia Wilde Wants to Make Out With Justin Timberlake

July 15, 2011 By:
Olivia Wilde Wants to Make Out With Justin Timberlake

Olivia Wilde and Justin Timberlake have already stared in three movies together and dodged hook up rumors several times. But Olivia’s latest comments about JT may cause a stir again.

Olivia and JT star in the upcoming futuristic movie ‘Now’ together where Olivia plays his mother. She admits she was upset when she was casted as his mother instead of his lover because she really wanted to make out with him.

“I play his mom,” says Olivia who, at 27, is three years younger than Justin.

“The one time I get near him and I’m his mom! There’s no way of sneaking a kissing scene with that. It’s a cool kind of Sci-fi film where aging stops at 25.

“I had to play a 60 year-old woman but not change myself physically. You’re trying to have a kind of familial intimacy but not let it get weird and romantic. So it was kind of funny.”

Olivia and JT first stared in ‘Alpha Dog’ together, then ‘I’m.Mortal’ and now ‘Now’. That’s a lot of chances for a big hookup. You know you can just make out with him right? You’re both single and hot and the rumors are already there, so why not?