Olivia Wilde’s Nude Scene: It Was My Idea

August 16, 2013 By:
Olivia Wilde’s Nude Scene: It Was My Idea

Olivia Wilde is our new BFF, she just doesn’t know it yet. Not only did we LOVE her “turning 30 and I don’t care” column for Elle, she’s now revealed that the skinny-dipping scene in her new movie Drinking Buddies was all her idea. She’s fab and confident with a devil-may-care attitude.

She told Hollyscoop how the bikini scene turned into an all-out nude one.

“You know the idea to take off my clothes in the skinny-dipping scene was mine, it wasn't like they needed that to sell the movie or anything like that,” she revealed.

And unlike other Hollywood starlets, who would starve for days to get into on-screen shape, Olivia couldn’t be bothered.

“That was just my bathing suit that I had on and gosh no, the great thing about this character was that there was no pressure to look a certain way, to maintain a certain weight. I love being in a movie that is so not about any of that BS, you know it was really about the character. I was just beer-bloated and happy.”

See Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson get their beer on in Drinking Buddies, in theaters now.