Olivia Wilde: I May Be Hot, But 'I'm Not a Dunce'

July 22, 2011 By:
Olivia Wilde: I May Be Hot, But 'I'm Not a Dunce'

Let’s face it, Olivia Wilde couldn’t have gone very long in life without ending up on the silver screen. She’s got one of the most stunning faces in Hollywood, and if you’re struggling to stay straight on your diet, just tape a photo of Olivia Wilde’s body on that bag of Oreos. What I'm getting at is--she's hot.

But despite being celebrated for her looks, Olivia wants the world to know she’s not just a pretty face.

“Trying to fight this industry’s tendency to celebrate the physical is just a waste of time,” Olivia said.

And before you all start yelling, Um, really? What about all those plunging necklines?, Wilde admits:

“So I’m happy to play the game. But I am also thirsty for input. I’m not a dunce whose only skill is knowing how to take a photograph, you know? And at the end of the day I think it makes me slightly less replaceable.”

Olivia apparently likes to add her two cents to her projects, even suggesting a raunchy scene in Friends With Benefits. She also did a lot of her own stunts in Cowboys & Aliens.

During her break from House, Olivia managed to make sure her movie career blossomed. And as a result, pretty much every movie trailer I've seen this summer, I've asked, is that Olivia Wilde?. Action, comedy, sci-fi, sci-fi/western—Olivia’s got it covered. Wilde told Hollyscoop:

“I love doing comedy. And I hope to change it up and do drama, comedy, action, theatre, television throughout my career.”