Olivia Wilde: I Get No Action Because Of The Jonas Brothers

July 28, 2011 By:
Olivia Wilde: I Get No Action Because Of The Jonas Brothers

Olivia Wilde wants us to believe she isn’t hooking up with all of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood (ahem Ryan Gosling ahem Justin Timberlake ahem Bradley Cooper) and tells Jimmy Kimmel that there is a “no sex hex” on her new home.

Let me explain. Olivia just moved into an LA pad that was previously owned by the Jonas Brothers, and she says her place is pretty normal, “except mine is haunted…by the Jonas Brothers,” she says. Rumor Control: The Jonas bros did not die. Welcome to the internet those of you who were surprised by that.

She says the trio left “life-sized cardboard cutouts” of themselves in the garage.

“I didn’t even have to pay extra,” Olivia pretends to joke, oh like that wasn’t the selling point in the Craigslist ad. “Two-bedroom Hollywood apartment comes complete with JONAS BROTHERS CUTOUT – won’t stay on the market long. Act now!”

“Sometimes I wake up, and my roommate has placed one standing over me,” says Wilde. When Jimmy asks which brother she quickly says, “Joe.”

Jimmy jokes, “Is it comforting knowing there’s a cardboard virgin watching over you at all times?” hahah good one Jimmy.

Olivia, acting like she’s not some kind of cat-eyed temptress says, “Yes, it is comforting. We blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action in our house. It’s the ‘No sex hex.’”

Woa, someone call Justin Timberlake to get over there and exorcise the house…with his penis!!

Just to make sure she still has a chance at banging a Jonai, she tweets, “Kimmel was a blast. Hope the Jonas Brothers don’t sue me!”