Maxim's Hot 100 List Revealed!

May 13, 2009 By:
Maxim's Hot 100 List Revealed!

Maxim magazine just unveiled their "Hot 100" list for 2009 and the winner may surprise you...drum roll's Olivia Wilde!

The gorgeous House star got the coveted number one position because Maxim editors say they can't stop "drooling over" her. Couldn't agree more!

Who else made the cut? Here is the top ten with quotes from Maxim:

1. Olivia Wilde: "We may not know a McDreamy from a McNugget, but when it comes to TV doctors, there is only one who makes our body temperatures rise. We were drooling over the NYC native long before she was injected into Fox's hit medical drama (House)."

2. Megan Fox: "Seriously, do women get more painfully hot than this? Megan Fox has the face of an angel, a body so perfect that God may have carved it out of soap and sex appeal that could melt a unicorn's horn. Plus, we hear she smells like clouds."

3. Bar Refaeli: "If there's any evidence that the Middle East is a land of beauty and wonder Bar is it. The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel with the brain blowing body scorched the cover of the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition."

4. Malin Akerman: "In the dark world of Watchmen, Malin was tasked with one tough mission ... Watchmen wasn't the first time we've seen Malin and it won't be the last. She's got four new flicks on her busy schedule."

5. Mila Kunis: "Mila's combination of exotic beauty and gal-next-door charm would make any sane man forget his ex in three seconds flat."

6. Eliza Dushku: "On-screen in Fox's Dollhouse, she's a lethal hottie who can negotiate a hostage release or recover stolen art for the Greek government. Off-screen she's the show's producer. Eliza, you've delivered a round house kick to our heartstrings."

7. Adriana Lima: "With apologies to Mrs. Tom Brady [Gisele], it's Adriana who epitomizes the Brazilian bombshell — her killer curves, ridiculous sexiness, and adorable accent make this supermodel the hottest native of a country stupid with smoking hot women."

8. Rihanna: "Pop's reigning princess has had a year of wild highs and lows. Rumor has it, she's in the studio recording her fourth album. We're dancing already."

9. Jordana Brewster: "This breathtaking daughter of a Brazilian swimsuit model and granddaughter of a Yale University president is the real reason the entire world went to see Fast & Furious."

10.Jennifer Love Hewitt: "Ever since she uttered her first 'Bailey!' on Party of Five, Love has been the object of many a man's obsession. She left us high and dry for a bit, but her return to the tube on Ghost Whisperer gives us our weekly fix of Love... and needy dead people."

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