Oliver Stone's W To Be Released Before Elections

May 9, 2008 By:
Oliver Stone's W To Be Released Before Elections

The movie "W" hasn’t been filming for more than a month and there is already controversy surrounding it’s release. The latest project by Oliver Stone will be based on the life and presidency of George W. Bush.

Don’t expect to see an “anti-Bush polemic” even though Stone has criticized Bush for the administration's 2003 invasion of Iraq. Stone has compared his goal for W. to the approaches of "The Queen" and his own flick "Nixon".

"We don't really know much about Mr. Bush beyond the controlled images we've been allowed to see on TV. This movie's taking a bold stab at looking behind that curtain," Stone said in a statement. "I'm real pleased that Lionsgate has the independence necessary to bring this provocative story to an American audience."

According to Variety the film has been set for release on Oct. 17, giving the picture three weekends in theaters before the Nov. 4 presidential election.

Actor Josh Brolin will star as George W. Bush along with Elizabeth Banks (Laura Bush), James Cromwell (George H.W. Bush), Ellen Burstyn (Barbara Bush), Thandie Newton (Condoleezza Rice), Jeffrey Wright (Colin Powell), Scott Glenn (Donald Rumsfeld) and Ioan Gruffudd (Tony Blair). The role of Dick Cheney is still pending. The film will likely wrap June 20, 2008 and were anticipating its release.