The Office: Survivorman

November 9, 2007 By:
The Office: Survivorman

"Its better to be hurt by someone you know on accident
than by a stranger on purpose."

Last night's episode took Michael to the Pennsylvania
wilderness to prove his mettle and made a good case
for Dwight's maxim. Bruised by his exclusion from a
men's "Wilderness Retreat," Michael decides that real
men go off to the woods alone with only a knife and a
roll of duct tape--the bare essentials. (No water, no
GPS, no first aid kit, and from the looks of it, no
prior outdoors experience; apparently these things are
not essential.) In the course of about four hours,
Michael managed to cut his clothes to shreds, fashion
a shelter out of his own pants and almost kill himself
by eating poisonous mushrooms.

Back at the office, Tim was in charge of organizing
the birthday parties. He was trying to make things
better but he ended up catering to everyone's weird
requests and the whole thing blew up in his face. He
also has a rude awakening when Phyllis accidentally
calls him "Michael."

Tim is starting to see that if
he's still at Dunder-Mifflin now, he might be there
forever. The episode ends with some bonding between
Tim and Michael over some "that's what she said" jokes
("it's just something I do when things are hard."
"that's what she said!!")

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