The Office Recap

November 2, 2007 By:
The Office Recap

"I am the regional manager of the Dunder-Miflin Utica branch. Turns out it's a pretty easy gig when your boss isn't an idiot and your boyfriend's not in love with somebody else."

When Karen tries to lure Stanley to the Utica branch, she unwittingly invites an assault on her office by Michael, Dwight and Jim. Dwight is equipped with molotov cocktails, silly string and disguises, but ultimately the "panty raid" amounts to nothing more than a broken industrial copier and Jim being caught by Karen and humiliated.

Back at the office, Pam, Oscar and Toby have formed The Finer Things Club, a group of civilized individuals who discuss books and eat tiny, crustless sandwiches off of china plates in the lunchroom.

After all the trouble that Michael went through, Stanley announced that he was never planning to leave, he just wanted a raise. LOL