Octomom Photo Released - Cancels Stripper Gig!

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Earlier this week, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman announced her forthcoming “self-pleasure” video and her planned stint as a stripper to promote it.

Photos from the shoot have been released (avert your eyes) and I also have some devastating news about her would-be stripping gig. Keep reading.

Wicked Pictures, the production company who along with DD Entertainment are responsible for the Octo film, released some promotional photos. And she looks… decent? I mean decent can be used as a sliding scale term, and we are talking about decent for her. Decent like, not that disgusting?

Now grant it, this whole thing might be more of a testament to Photoshop than the woman herself, but we appreciate the efforts someone put into this picture that doesn’t immediately make us puke in our mouth…

However, the whole experience was a positive one for Octo, a voyage of self and sexual discovery, "I'm a more sexual being for having done this. It's the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I've ever done."

Anyway, that’s a load of crock, because now Octo has cancelled her upcoming striptease extravaganza. Disclaimer: by striptease, I mean, “no lap dances,” and by extravaganza, I mean, five nights in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Nadya pulled out of the stripping engagement because she was upset that people were talking smack about her. Specifically, the bartenders, waitresses, management and other strippers at the club she was supposed to “work” with were trash talking the fame whoring welfare mom.

Ahh, boo, so many men really wanted a lap dance from this woman! Where are we going to turn for creepy D-list topless action!? Watch an episode of “Teen Mom?” Ok.

Apparently a bartender at the club gave a news interview where he said, “She must be a little crazy, normal people don’t have that many children."

Octo’s rep told TMZ that she pulled out of the deal this morning because she was so upset.
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