June 4, 2012 By:

From media whore to actual…

In case you missed it, here’s the back-story, the Octomom is a media hungry delusional psychopath. Now that you’re all caught up, did you hear she shot a porn?

Filmed in early May, the “self-pleasure” porn features the single mother -- of 14 kids via repeated in vitro fertilization treatments -- having sex (ironically? poetically?) with herself.

If all of that wasn’t enough imagery to keep your nightmare factory churning, picture this little tidbit courtesy of the Huffington Post. In conjunction with her film, “Nadya also posed for a set of photographs in which she's seated at the head of a long table, her body covered with SpaghettiOs.” Uh-oh.

But wait, it gets worse. TMZ just released info on how she plans to promote her stint as an “adult” actress. She’s stripping.

That’s right folks, for five nights, and five nights only, this coming July 11-15, she’ll be the main event at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach Florida. Get your tickets now, while they’re… cold?

Her financial stats have been the subject of much media fodder -- she had a batch of eight kids and an assload of public surgery while on public assistance, she quit paying her bills, her house got foreclosed, she declared bankruptcy but forgot to sign some paperwork, etc. etc. So basically, in addition to always being busted, she’s now broke too.

Recently she has been quoted multiple times in the press expressing her desire for a safer and much bigger home for her family. Clearly Extreme Makeover: Home Edition missed the pleas, so she had to turn to her own assets (?) to feed her ego, I mean, kids.

We could give her the benefit of the doubt and say that at least she’s trying to earn an honest buck to support her herd of… wait, how many kids?

Or we could just dismiss the whole thing with: No. Gross.