Octavia Spencer Wants To Lose 'Another 15 Pounds'

January 30, 2012 By:
Octavia Spencer Wants To Lose 'Another 15 Pounds'

When celebrities make a name for themselves at award season, they always end up wanting to lose a bunch of weight. Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds, Sandra Bullock lost an entire Jesse James….you get the idea.

Now, Octavia Spencer, Hollywood’s latest award season sweetheart, wants to shed some weight as well. Octavia took home a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Supporting Actress last night, and after the show, Spencer dished about her figure:

"Tadashi [is] a designer that knows how to cut for women who aren't size two," Octavia said on the red carpet, regarding her gown designer. There was another designer she was wearing, too:

"This is Spanx, honey!"

Not quite as couture, but pretty dependable.

When Hollyscoop spoke to Octavia earlier this month she dished on the pressures of finding the perfect red carpet dress. “There’s a lot of work that goes into this stuff, I did fittings and all that stuff and I hope they turn out well. I hope I don’t end up on some fashion police thing, but if I do who cares as long as I’m comfortable.”

Spencer added that she’s “working out with a trainer,” but she doesn’t plan to turn into a “thin mint.”

"I'm just trying to be healthy and look good for me. So another 15 pounds and I will be fine,” Spencer added. "I'm not healthy at this weight. I think anytime you have too much around the middle then there's a problem."

And here’s the obligatory ‘pressures in Hollywood’ quote everyone has to make when talking about weight:

"It's our society that has told [women] and continues to tell them that when you reach a certain age, you are no longer valuable. When your each a certain weight, you are [no longer] valuable.”

And when it comes to weight issues, Octavia does not discriminate:

"I feel for my overly thin women as much as I feel for the overly overweight women. I think there is a lot that needs to change."