NYC Celebrity Sightings

June 16, 2006 By:

We got some great scoop from our favorite city New York City.

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson were spotting having dinner together along with a group of friends at Cipriani’s. Our source tells us Owen is very nice.

We also hear that Bungalow 8 was happening last night. Than again, this place is always happening. Our snoop says Amy Sacco threw a private party and in attendance was Scarlett Johannsen, who was sporting a nose ring. At some point in the night, La vita Lohan, who has a perfect attendance at Bungalow 8 couldn’t disappoint club-goers and showed up with two girls, Bow Wow and a bunch of groupies. Bow Wow and Lindsay Lohan BFF’s? What's the world coming to?

Lindsay and Scarlett didn’t acknowledge each other and ignored each other the entire night. Our source says you could feel the tension between the two starlets. Lindsay found comfort the entire night with a scruffy looking guy who was sporting a bandana on his head. The two took shots all night long and smoked cigarettes. That’s the scoop from NYC!