NY Rep Anthony Weiner Admits He Tweeted His Penis

June 6, 2011 By:
NY Rep Anthony Weiner Admits He Tweeted His Penis

This man’s name couldn’t be any more appropriate unless it was Anthony Penistweeter.

Congressman Anthony Weiner pulled a Blake Lively when he tried to deny an accidental photo of his penis belonged to him.

Weiner took a photo of his penis-filled underwear and then accidentally posted it on Twitter while trying to send it to another woman. If old people weren’t already terrified of using the Internet, this’ll do it.

Weiner addressed the press Monday afternoon, finally taking responsibility after previously claiming his Twitter account was hacked.

“The picture was of me, and I send it,” Weiner admitted. He added, “I lied because I was embarrassed.”

Embarrassed as he may be, Weiner has no intention of resigning, and as far as his marriage, he says he and his wife “have no intention of splitting up”. Yeah, yeah, we’ve seen the photo. No need to brag.

Weiner apparently had several “inappropriate conversations” online and exchanged pornographic photos with “at least six women.”

The web is all abuzz over how well endowed Weiner is, and for someone who looks like the love child of Bob Saget and Howdy Doody, it is surprising. Weiner might face some repercussions, but if the whole politics thing doesn’t work out, there’s always porn.