What To Watch on TV: Friday Edition

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Fashionably Late with Stacy London @ 10pm
Tonight Stacy chats with fashion designer Julie Chaiken, whose eponymous couture house has clothed models on the covers of many top fashion magazines. Chaiken also offer tips on properly fitting pants, a signature item of her clothing line. Then Stacy guides us through shopping for gadgets, gizmos and doohickeys via SkyMall, and takes us on a trip to Decades on Melrose in L.A. for a dose of classic Hollywood glamour. And one lucky woman in the audience will get a surprise makeover.

Numb3rs @ 10pm
Everybody loves a winner, or so the saying goes--but that certainly isn't the case in this intense 2006 repeat. A young man is stabbed to death at a horseracing track after successfully picking 30 winners in a row. The victim's notebook is soon discovered with a sophisticated formula for placing bets. Of course, Charlie tries to decipher it. Everything is made even more complicated when Don learns the track's owner has ties to organized crime.

Snoop Dogg's Father Hood @ 8:30pm
Alas the last celebrity to join the reality show bandwagon...pot smoking conspicuously absent. Snoop introduces America to the Dogg family: his three kids and wife Shante, a.k.a. Boss Lady. Stressed from life as the most laid-back hip-hop icon in the world, Snoop searches for some non-herbal relaxation through yoga and acupuncture, but finds out that cleaning is more therapeutic. One big highlight: the amazing opening-credit theme song ("This ain't the Huxtables but we livin' comfortable/And I don't make my kids eat vegetables.") All in all, his finest performance since The Wash.

Keisha Cole: The Way It Is Sunday Marathon @ 10am
in case you missed it, this is BET's hit reality show about R&B songstress Keisha Cole and her troubled family life. From her childhood as the daughter of a drug-addicted prostitute to her rise to platinum-status fame, Keyshia Cole's life story is filled with heartbreak and determination. As dysfunctional and "hood" as they may be, there is something unrelentingly fascinating about this very "real" family and their struggles. Catch up on all episodes during the marathon set to air on Sunday morning.
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