Now That's Painful!

March 27, 2007 By:

I can not believe that this happened! Eddie Griffin crashed a $1.5 Million Ferrari Enzo while practicing for a charity race to promote his new movie, Redline, on Monday. Did we mention that this car is worth 1.5 million dollars? Not only is the car worth more than most of us will ever see but only 400 Ferrari Enzos were produced, all between 2002 and 2004.

Griffin was not injured in the accident but the owner of the car was definitely injured. His heart was shattered! Daniel Sadek, the owner of the really expensive car who is also the producer of "Redline" explains that his dream car was destroyed but was also a good sport saying that a lot of other bad things could have happened.

"I'm glad Eddie came out of the crash okay, but my dream car got destroyed," Sadek said. "I went to my trailer for about 15 minutes and I thought, 'There's people dying every day. A lot of worse things are happening in the world.' "