TV Recap: Notes From The Underbelly

December 4, 2007 By:
TV Recap: Notes From The Underbelly

I was really looking forward to watching this show because it stars Jennifer Westfeldt, of 'Kissing Jessica Stein' and 'Ira and Abby' fame. The breakout film was about a woman who gives lesbianism a go after so much hetero disappointment; her second film was (more
or less) a story of two crazy people who get married. What usually follows a brief gay phase and a hasty marriage to someone you hardly know? That's right, parenthood, and that's exactly the subject of her new show on ABC.

Although one of the main characters of the show is huge and pregnant, you don't have to be to enjoy Underbelly. Scenes like a guy successfully giving two dummy babies CPR at the same time, or a grown man
trying to test out all the baby-proofing materials in his house by impaling himself over and over are for everyone, whether your ankles are swollen or not.