Movie Review: No Country For Old Men

December 13, 2007 By:
Movie Review: No Country For Old Men

There is nothing that I can write or say that can bring justice to the film “No Country For Old Men.” A wonderful movie, a compelling script, and powerful acting from every single one of the ensemble cast involved in this yet another Coen brother’s masterpiece.

Llewelyn Moss, played by the great Josh Brolin (American Gangster and Grindhouse to name a few) stumbles across a field of dead bodies, abandoned trucks, and a case with two million dollars in cash, which he, without hesitating nabs. This causes a whirlwind of suspense that only the Coen brothers can create. Llewelyn is now on the run from a psychotic killer played by the unbelievable Javier Bardem (The Sea Inside, The Dancer Upstairs, and Love in the Time of Cholera), who judges the faith and outcome of people’s lives that he encounters with a flip of his trusty coin. As Brolin runs and Bardem chases similar to the great Tom and Jerry cartoons but with a lot more violence, brutality, gore, and suspense, others begin to join in this rat race. Tommy Lee Jones plays Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, who is now on the hunt to stop Bardem and his killing spree through the state of Texas, even though he is sick and tired of all the evil that there is in the world. Woody Harrelson also has a fantastic cameo as Carson Wells, a killer hired to kill a killer. Garret Dillahunt is hilarious in his role across Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy Wendell. And, last but definitely not least, Kelly Macdonald, a Glasgow Scotland native, plays Llewelyn’s girl Carla Jean Moss to perfection. It was an honor for me to see Macdonald play this trailer park Texan with such perfection.

Even though, I was not able to criticize anyone about this film, because it was altogether enjoyed by most, if not every, critic who laid his or her eyes on it. It is safe to say that the Coen Brothers, who I suspected were at the top of their game after such greats as Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and Ladykillers to name a few, are able to create their best piece of cinematic work yet with No Country For Old Men. This film is not only Oscar-worthy; it can very well be the Oscar winner for Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

Pat The Movie Critic gives 'No Country For Old Men' --- 5 Scoops.