Portia de Rossi Doesn't Like Lesbian Sex Scenes

November 13, 2007 By:
Portia de Rossi Doesn't Like Lesbian Sex Scenes

Ellen Degeneres' girlfriend Portia de Rossi admits that she didn't enjoy filming a lesbian sex scene with Joely Richardson for an episode in Nip/Tuck.

Portia said: "I hate gratuitous sex scenes. I'm a prude, I really am. "I related to Joely's character so much more than my own.

“She was having a really hard time with her sexuality, and it was difficult for her to tell people she was gay. To hear her struggle like that was very emotional for me."

Portia might have been uncomfortable, but Joely didn't have any problems with it. She says: "I have no problems kissing women. It's not the first time I have done lesbian scenes.

"I have heard Ellen was jealous. She has been on set. She is great and Portia is lovely. Please don't think there is anything going on between us."