Joans Rivers to Guest Star on Nip/Tuck

September 1, 2009 By:
Joans Rivers to Guest Star on Nip/Tuck

Joan Rivers is set to go under the knife again--but this time its for the silver screen.

Rivers has filmed a cameo appearance for the last ever episode of plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck.

She says, "I'm in the finale. We already taped it. I'm sworn to secrecy about what I did, though. On that show, they only send you your pages for what you're filming."

Rivers is a huge fan of the show so she admits she was devastated when she found out the series was coming to an end.

"How sad is it that that show is ending? It's such a great show. I think they just kind of ran out of (stories). They ran out of plastic surgery procedures... Do you know how sad that made me?"

It should be a great season finale! And Rivers probably knows so much about plastic surgery she could perform a little nip/tuck on the actors for the show! Will you tune in for the season finale?