Nikki Reed Says ‘Twilight’ Co-Stars All ‘Really Love Each Other’

July 10, 2013 By:
Nikki Reed Says ‘Twilight’ Co-Stars All ‘Really Love Each Other’

Sometimes when we’re having some serious Twilight withdrawals, we try to remember the “way things were.”

OR, we could just talk to a TWILIGHT STAR and actually wax nostalgic about the good times.

Nikki Reed tells Hollyscoop exclusively as she hosted 7-Eleven’s 86th birthday party in Malibu that she and all of the cast (Kristen, Rob, Taylor, EVERYONE) is still friends.

“Yeah we're all so close,” Nikki tells us, “I know it seems like a simple answer and like 'oh that can't possibly be genuine.' But the truth is, we love each other, we really grew to love each other.”

Well, Rob and Kristen grew to love each other and then grew out of it, but let’s let bygones be bygones.

Nikki says after five films together, you can’t help but feel like family.

“That kind of bond you get from spending time together, good times, bad times, you go through it all together," she says.