Nikki Reed Open To Doing 'Twilight' TV Show

November 12, 2012 By:
Nikki Reed Open To Doing 'Twilight' TV Show

Just when you thought the Twilight phenomenon has come to an end, it might not have.

Nikki Reed of vampire-franchise fame told us that if Twilight were to hit the small screen, she would definitely be in.

Hollyscoop asked Nikki if she would ever do another Twilight movie and she told us without hesitation, “Sure, yeah, of course!”

What about a TV series? Only if Twilight novel scribe Stephenie Meyer were involved.

“I mean obviously, whatever comes from Stephenie, it’s a recipe for success,” Nikki tells us, “We’ve all loved these movies and I can’t imagine saying no to Stephenie if she was going to continue this series.”

Twihards, would you just die if Twilight was available EVERY WEEK on your TV screens?!

But of course we did more than just chat Twilight with Nikki, she was on hand to launch her new jewelry line Mattlin Era at Pascal Mouawad’s Glamboutique.

Just like an acting role, there is a story behind each piece of jewelry.

“Something great came out of it and with the jewelry, I really wanted to talk about what these pieces meant to me and where they came from and where my vision for all of it came from,” Nikki tells us, “There’s a lot of personal stuff going out there but, it’s all for art.”

“It’s very personal,” says Nikki, “I’m really putting myself out there right now. It feels very special, it’s a very vulnerable position I'm putting myself in.”