Nikki Reed Making 'Music Babies' With Husband Paul McDonald

November 15, 2011 By:
Nikki Reed Making 'Music Babies' With Husband Paul McDonald

Twilight beauty Nikki Reed tied the knot with her own personal American Idol, Paul McDonald, back in October. And Nikki tells Hollyscoop that the two have already been producing! Music, that is.

Hollyscoop caught up with Nikki at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere, where she filled us in on projects, pregnancy plans, and of course, the Twilight hoopla.

She and McDonald have only been working on "musical babies," for now, Reed tells us, adding that they aren't trying for kids just yet. "I was in the studio recording for fourteen hours Saturday, recording a song with my husband," the actress tells Hollyscoop.

The two teamed up for a song on the Twilight soundtrack, Now That I Found You, while they were on their honeymoon. And Nikki calls it "the best experience of my life."

Reed tells us of her experience working with her man:

"To have loved someone so much and know that you can collaborate with them in a totally--you know it can be a stressful environment, you can be under so much pressure and not argue and not have any friction and just get along is the best thing you can know about yourself with your partner."

Reed was announced to portray Rosalie Hale in Twilight in February of 2008. It was a decision that, to fans, was controversial because the character was described as blonde, and Nikki is a brunette. Nevermind the fact that hair dye exists, in a humble gesture of appreciation, Nikki wrote a letter to fans for supporting her casting. Since then, it's safe to say, she's been welcomed into the Twilight brood.

And we asked Nikki which scene from Twilight: Breaking Dawn she most enjoyed shooting:

"I had a lot of fun with all of them," Reed told us. "Any scene that I had with Kristen or Taylor or any of my cast members. I mean it was nice to interact and smile in this movie."

Reed also called Twilight: Breaking Dawn director, Bill Condon, "a genius."

"That's the reason why you should watch [the movie]," Reed tells us. "He really is. It's like, such an honor that he wants—a true honor—that he wanted to do this with us."

So what's next on Reed's radar?

"Lots of writing, writing. I have a movie called Catch 44 with Bruce Willis coming out and I’m working on a screenplay and writing music with my husband."