Nikki Reed Is Just Dating All of Nina Dobrev’s Sloppy Seconds

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Nikki Reed Is Just Dating All of Nina Dobrev’s Sloppy Seconds
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The problem with dating within your social scene is that you a) run out of people to date b) you and your girlfriends will all have dated the same people and c) shit gets weird.

Case in point: Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev.


Nikki Reed was married to Paul McDonald from “American Idol.”

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Nina Dobrev dated Ian Somerhalder for 1,000 years.

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Nikki, Paul, Nina and Ian all went on double dates together.

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Nikki and Nina are really good friends.



When Nina broke up with Ian, she started dating Derek Hough.


It didn't work out. 


A few months later, Nikki divorced Paul and ALSO dated Derek Hough.

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It also did not work out. 


Nikki then started dating Ian Somerhalder.


It’s one thing for Nikki to date Derek after Nina, but to date Ian Somerhalder!? Nina Dobrev’s ONE TRUE LOVE!?

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According to People, “[Nikki and Ian] were spotted getting close at a farmers market on Sunday.”


Weird, huh?


The point here is that Nikki Reed is getting all (two) of Nina Dobrev's sloppy seconds. Discuss.