From Nikki Reed to Jennifer Aniston: Celebrity Summer Flings

June 6, 2011 By:
From Nikki Reed to Jennifer Aniston: Celebrity Summer Flings

It's getting hot in here! And I'm not talking about the weather. Some of Hollywood's hottest couples have been hooking up, and you might want to get your blood sugar level checked, because this is some sweet eye candy.

Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler. The couple reportedly met on the set of Playing the Field, and Biel was recently seen riding on the back of Butler's motorcycle. So how does a gal rev his engines?

Butler told Hollyscoop: “By giving me a yoga lesson.”

Kicking yourself for not taking advantage of that Groupon deal, aren't you?

How long will it last? We're guessing until the end of summer. Or once his motorcycle runs out of gas. Gerard is a ladies' man, and while Jessica is a hell of a lady, she should just enjoy this fling while it lasts.

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald. After only two months of dating, Reed announced her engagement to American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. As far as their whirlwind courtship goes, Reed said, “I love him and I don't care.” Sounds like a really profound, stable relationship.

How long will it last? It's never nice to curse a couple, but who am I, Mother Teresa? I give it a year at the most.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Spinster my ass. Jennifer Aniston somehow hacked through a walking beard to find there was a man under it, and that man was Justin Theroux. The two made their love public yesterday at the MTV Movie awards after party. Theroux might want to watch out, though. Gerard Butler was enamored with Aniston when they shot The Bounty Hunter.

He told Hollyscoop: “Jennifer is like one of the guys. She's so cool, she's so grounded…very sharp, witty, easygoing…she has a lot of sexy things about her.”

How long will it last? Jennifer has dated her share of dufuses, from Vince Vaughn to egomaniac John Mayer. But Theroux seems a more serious catch. Maybe Jen is finally ready to settle down. It's too soon to tell, but this one might go the distance.

A.Rod and Cameron Diaz. These two have been on and off more than A.Rod's pants in 2007. But apparently, the latest rumors of a split aren't true. The couple maintained their relationship status by showing up together at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards afterparty.

How long will it last? Until the next time she gets tested.