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NAME:Nikki Reed BIRTH DATE:May 17, 1988 (Age: 26) PLACE OF BIRTH:West Los Angeles, California

Nicole Houston Reed was born on May 17, 1988, in West Los Angeles, California to Cheryl Houston, a hairdresser, and Seth Reed, a set designer. At the age of two, Reed’s parents divorced in which she remained under her mother’s supervision.

By the time Reed reached her teen years, she had attended Alexander Hamilton High School before dropping out and being home schooled, due to her growing rebellious ways. She eventually moved out of her mother’s home at the age of 14 and into an apartment in Los Angeles.

Around this time, Reed met actress Catherin Hardwicke, who was dating her dad, and the two began building a personal and business relationship with the help of Reed’s writings and Hardwicke’s film background. In 2002, the pair began writing the script for Thirteen (2003), based on Reed’s past experiences as a troubled teen. Throughout the casting process, Hardwicke struggled to find the perfect actress to play Evie and ultimately turned to Reed for the part. Although Reed hesitated to accept the role, she received worldwide critical acclaim for her performance and won a Nantucket Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay.

Reed continued to work with Hardwicke in the biopic Lords of Dogtown (2005), followed by a few stints on the O.C. as Sadie and a well-received role as a manipulative teenager in the comedy-drama Mini’s First Time (2006) with Alec Baldwin, Carrie-Anne Moss and Luke Wilson. Although memorable roles, Reed didn’t get her big-break until she accepted the role of Rosalie Hale in Twilight (2008), which was directed by Hardwicke. Reed later revived her role as Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012).

Her most recent projects include, the action-drama Catch .44 with Bruce Willis, the paranormal romance film In Your Eyes (2012), the crime thriller Pawn (2013) alongside Ray Liotta and Forest Whitaker, the psychological thriller Snap (2013) opposite Jake Hoffman, the drama Empire State (2013) with Liam Hemsworth, and the horror thriller Downers Grove (2014) opposite Hayden Panettiere, which was written American Psycho novelist Bret Easton Ellis.

Did You Know . . .


  • In Mini’s First Time (2006), Reed's character is involved in various explicit sex scenes in which she had to be filmed from the point of view of her back due to the fact that she was only 16 and it was illegal to film more intense scenes.
  • Following the 2008 announcement that Reed would be starring in Twilight, she wrote a thank you letter to her fans for supporting her through the controversy that surrounded her, a brunette, being cast as Rosalie, a blonde.
  • In 2009, Reed directed a music video for her friend Sage in London, despite not having any money or time.
  • Following Thirteen’s box office success in 2003, Reed returned to Alexander Hamilton High School, but dropped out again due to other students harassing her about the film and returned to home schooling to earn her diploma.
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