Nikki Blonsky Cleared Of Assault Charges

January 2, 2009 By:
Nikki Blonsky Cleared Of Assault Charges

Congrats to Nikki Blonsky, who was cleared of all assault charges stemming from the incident in Turks and Caicos last July.

She and America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden had their charges dropped. Not so good news for Nikki’s father though, who is still facing assault charges and inflicting grievous bodily harm. If he’s convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

And even though Nikki is now in the clear, she’s still speaking up about what she thinks Bianca’s motives were the whole time.

She tells OK! magazine, "I saw the dark side of the industry. I never knew there were people willing to do anything to get their name in the paper. It's a shame that someone will ruin a person's life and beat them up to get their 10 minutes of fame back. I think it's disgusting."

But at least Nikki has kept some faith in the industry. She says, “We're a strong family. The Ugly Betty cast has proven to me that there are good people in this business. Success is the best revenge.”

That’s so true. We haven’t heard any news from Bianca Golden doing anything in her career since the incident, so her little plan to get famous didn’t exactly pan out. Hopefully Nikki’s father has the same fate as his daughter!