Nicollette Sheridan Bashes Ryan Seacrest

January 16, 2009 By:
Nicollette Sheridan Bashes Ryan Seacrest

Nicollette Sheridan was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show on Friday where she had anything but nice things to say about Ellen's good buddy Ryan Seacrest.

When Ellen started grilling Nicollette about a potential date with Ryan, Nicollette replied, "That's gross...I've met him."

Then it gets ugly. Ellen protects her bff claiming that he is a "great guy," but Sheridan doesn't respond well.

"I did his radio show, and he was very rude about me the next day. So I don't like him.

"It was nasty ... and untrue," Sheridan says of Ryan's remarks. "Yeah, I don't like him. You should have a word with him."

Well, she didn't hold anything back did she?

As for dating David Spade she says, "We're friends...We're not dating."

We love the way Ellen Degeneres grills celebrities. She has such a goofy expression on her face that you can't help but laugh and answer what she's asking. If we were to get Ryan and Nicollette in the ring, who would win? Our bets on Nicollette!