Desperate Housewives Castmates Support Nicollette Sheridan

April 7, 2010 By:
Desperate Housewives Castmates Support Nicollette Sheridan

Everyone’s been left shocked at Nicollette Sheridan’s sudden lawsuit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. And while her co-stars on the show are staying mum on the subject, we hear they support Nicolette’s decision.

Sources tell the NY Daily News that all the women on the show have had their issued with Cherry, but don’t want to risk telling their stories for fear of losing their jobs. "Marc can sometimes think he's being funny, but he really just comes off as arrogant and rude," says the insider. "But the women mostly put up with it. He's considered a genius at what he does, and it kind of just comes with the territory."

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Moreover, insiders say Teri Hatcher has dealt with the same issues as Nicollette. "Sometimes Teri doesn't appreciate Marc's 'humor,'" says the source. "But that doesn't mean she's going to get involved with this mess anytime soon."

Eva Longoria was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning, and called the lawsuit “a really big deal.” She wouldn’t take sides, but called Sheridan “a really sweet girl.”
But she also said that Marc wouldn't harm a fly.

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The insider says the women aren’t likely to come forward, unless they were summoned to court. "They're all silently behind her, but the actresses on the show enjoy the fame and success that Marc has created for them," says the insider. "It's unlikely that anyone will step forward to support Nicollette - their characters are all still alive on the show, and they have a lot more to lose than she does."

We think Nicollette will definitely get paid off, so that this doesn’t go to court. She’ll probably receive the same amount of money she would have made had she stayed on the show for two more seasons!