Paula Abdul Told Nicole Scherzinger to Vote Off Rachel Crow

December 12, 2011 By:
Paula Abdul Told Nicole Scherzinger to Vote Off Rachel Crow

“I don’t—uh--I—um--the one--uh…” Nicole Scherzinger is still getting criticized over her judging duties on last week’s episode of The X-Factor. As it turns out, it was Paula’s idea to put the elimination in deadlock.

As previously reported, the elimination was between Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty. Two of the judges wanted Marcus gone, and only one wanted Rachel gone. It was up to Nicole to decide. She didn’t want to have to send Marcus home because that’s mean, so instead of vote for Rachel, she left it up to America to decide--Deadlock. America shockingly chose Rachel, and that’s when the crap hit the fan.

Paula’s mic was down when Nicole was making the decision, but if you turn the volume up, you can hear Paula Abdul whisper, “Just let it go to a deadlock.”

And if you turn it up even louder, you can hear Paula whisper: “Do you know if the one on the right is single?”

Nicole then went into a sputtering frenzy, barely able to make a word out. She actually made Paula look articulate.

"I don't want to have to say that," Nicole said of having to eliminate Rachel for the technicality. She continued: "I'm gonna, I don't want to -- I'm just gonna have to -- yeah. I don't want to send you home, Rachel. I just don't want to -- so I'm just going to -- the act that I have to send home is Rachel."

Since the “decision,” Nicole has been receiving death threats from angry fans everywhere. If this tells you anything, it’s that this Rachel Crow chick is gonna go far. Because her fans are as violent as Beliebers.

And this isn’t the only drama Nicole is involved in lately. A former Pussycat Doll is claiming that Scherzinger is a fraud. According to Star Magazine, Kaya Jones, one of the original members of the girl group, is now claiming she’s the real voice behind many of the group’s hits, including Buttons and Don’t Cha. And there you go, all two hits.

Anyway, the controversy is that Scherzinger is the one who got the credit, basically because she’s hot, and they wanted a hot front woman.

“They put my voice down and said it was hers,” Kaya told Star in an exclusive interview. “When it came to having her own sound, she just didn’t have it.”

To be honest, I think most people couldn’t care less, but Nicole proved her singing chops when she belted out “I Will Always Love You” for Simon Cowell during on of The X-Factor’s first episodes. That episode proved that 1) she can sing 2) she’s a little crazy.

Before the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole was in a girl group called Eden’s Crush, and she says she hated every moment of it:

“It was hell... I was in a band with five other girls and every day was torture for me. We were on TV all the time and the atmosphere was awful... Every day I was in that band I cried my eyes out.”

Watch the video of Nicole and Paula’s secret conversation below:

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