Nicole Scherzinger Renting With Vanessa Hudgens for Summer

June 4, 2010 By:
Nicole Scherzinger Renting With Vanessa Hudgens for Summer

Nicole Scherzinger and Vanessa Hudgens—roommates??? Well, we suppose! The winner of this season’s Dancing With the Stars has just joined the cast of the Broadway musical Rent.

Hudgens has already been attached to the production playing the part of Mimi, a dancer who is HIV-positive. And now Nicole will join her playing the part of Maureen!

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Apparently the director, who happens to be Neil Patrick Harris, loved her in the audition! He told, “Nicole had a wonderful audition - she was well prepared, sang beautifully, and had us all laughing. If only she was somewhat attractive and didn’t have two left feet… I’m very excited to have finally finished the casting process, and look forward to rolling up my sleeves and start rehearsing.”

Glee’s Lea Michele was rumored to be up for the role as well. But apparently she’ll be taking a little time off this summer, since Glee is on hiatus. And just guess what she likes to do in her free time—go see Broadway shows! We should have guessed!