Nicole Scherzinger on 'X-Factor' Backlash: 'I Want the Best' for Everyone

December 9, 2011 By:
Nicole Scherzinger on 'X-Factor' Backlash: 'I Want the Best' for Everyone

Poor Nicole Scherzinger got booted off of Thursday night’s episode of X-Factor…wait, what?! She’s a judge? She wasn’t the one competing? Oh, lord.

On last night’s episode of the X-Factor, 13 year-old Rachel Crow was put in the bottom two. It was between her and Marcus Canty, and rather than act as a tiebreaker and choose Rachel, Nicole chose to let Marcus be eliminated with some dignity, refusing to make a decision. So then it was up to the audience votes to determine a winner. But to everyone’s surprise, the audience chose Rachel to be eliminated.

Fellow judge Simon Cowell explained:

“[Nicole] was trying to do was let Marcus go with some dignity because she was attached to both of them. But there’s no question about it, if she thought Rachel would have been out she would have gone the other way.”

After being eliminated, Rachel fell to her knees and cried. And not to be outdone, Nicole then unleashed some water works of her own. Just like a true diva not to be outperformed.

Scherzinger was booed offstage after risking Rachel’s place on the show, and Twitter blew up with hateful comments toward the singer.

"My heart comes from the right place so I get really sensitive when people are negative," Scherzinger told reporters after Thursday's show. "I'm like, 'Don't they know I only want the best for every single person? ... I want them to be the best they can be. Ultimately America made the choice."

Lesson learned, I hope. You’re on a talent competition show. This isn’t The Wiggles.

"When I saw that look on her face [I felt] that I let her down, like I dropped her. I could have been holding on and I dropped her," Scherzinger said. "She is the sunshine of our show, so it's hard to see her cry."

Crow came into Scherzinger’s dressing room after the show and consoled her, telling the judge, “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

Yes, you’ll be fine, Nicole. I'm sorry this happened to you.

"'You know how much I love and adore you. I've always believed in you,'" Scherzinger told PEOPLE of her conversation with Crow. "'I'm so sorry all of this happened like this. But I didn't send you home, babe.'"

Just remember, babe. It wasn’t me. It was America. America didn’t like you enough.

Meanwhile, don’t worry about Rachel. She’s already reportedly in talks for a deal with Disney. Wait, Disney?! Okay, nevermind. You should probably worry about her now.