Pregnant Nicole Richie's Health Scare

January 2, 2008 By:
Pregnant Nicole Richie's Health Scare

Nicole Richie is due to give birth any day now with, so naturally she worried those around here when she became ill over the Christmas holiday.

According to Star magazine, Richie became dizzy and disoriented the morning after Christmas and had to be rushed off to the doctor.

A source tells the magazine, "Her heart was racing - she was swearing and had the terrifying feeling the world was crashing in on her. She was scared to death that her baby's health was in jeopardy.

"Thank God Joel was there to take care of her. He immediately called their doctor to say he would bring her in."

A few months ago Richie was also rushed to the hospital when she suffered from heavy bleeding. Fortunately, mom and baby are all clear!