Nicole Richie: We Need to Educate Children on Nutrition

May 12, 2009 By:
Nicole Richie: We Need to Educate Children on Nutrition

Nicole Richie has come such a long way since becoming a mother. A few years ago her biggest concern was which social event she would be attending with her bff Paris, and now her priority has shifted to her family and their health.

Nicole spoke to Hollyscoop exclusively at the Environmental Media Association Event this week about the importance of educating children on nutrition, diet, and going green. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Nicole on how she got involved in the Environmental Media Association:
"I’ve been part of the Environmental Media Association for about 4 or 5 years now. When I heard about them bringing this kind of lifestyle here it really touched home for me. Obviously I have a family and that’s really how I try and have my home and my way of life. Being in a school with the environment of education, it really doesn’t make sense to educate children on math, science, history and not educate them on nutrition and taking care of our planet. It seems that it is our responsibility to make sure that happens."

Nicole on purchasing organic foods for her family and the difference it makes in their diet:
"It definitely [makes a difference], I mean anyone that is going to eat organic is going to feel different, but yes, we only eat organic. We don’t really have plastic in our house, we mostly use glass bottles. People can even help by turning off their lights when they leave the house, it’s just so easy for everyone, if they helped just a little bit, if everyone helped a little bit, it would make such a huge huge difference. What’s so great now is that it’s kind of become so popular [to go green] and it’s definitely more accessible. More people are going towards wood and glass and you can find that at Target or Walgreens, you can really find it everywhere. It’s definitely around and accessible to everyone, which is really great."

Nicole on raising awareness about health and the environment outside of California:
"What I try and do is talk to everyone about what is going on and talk to everybody about what I’m doing. I really try not to lecture people, but more kind of bring attention to what’s going on. I really believe that once it’s brought to your attention its kind of impossible to turn back."

Nicole on hoping she'll have her own garden with her daughter:
"That would definitely be great!"