Nicole Richie Unsure of Future with Joel Madden

March 9, 2009 By:
Nicole Richie Unsure of Future with Joel Madden

They already have one daughter and another baby on the way, but when Nicole Richie was asked about her marriage plans with her baby daddy Joel Madden, the reality show star turned designer admits she's still unsure of what the future will hold.

When asked if she had any immediate plans to marry her beau Joel Nicole said, "I don't know about the future," adding, "I make it a custom not to plan the future. I may plan to and I may not."

In regards to her daughter Harlow having a strong resemblance to daddy Joel, Nicole explains, "She had a close resemblance to Joel at the time of birth.

"But, she [now] looks like me because of her green eyes and blonde hair, but she also resembles Joel," she added.

Speaking about keeping it sexy for her man, Nicole told Us Weekly, "I wear jeans and a T-shirt and no makeup when I am with my daughter."

"But I take care of my 'adult time' too. I like to go to restaurants and bars in high-heeled shoes and dresses when I have free time. Because I am still 27 years old, you know?"

Maybe they'll end up pulling a Brangelina and have a dozen kids and never tie the knot. As long as they're devoted parents, that's really all that matters!